Our Mission

North Penn Physical Therapy – Expert treatment in Lansdale and Blue Bell, PA.

You may be wondering, how can I get the best physical therapy near me? What should I look for, and what can I expect from physical therapy treatment? Our Mission at North Penn Physical Therapy is to help answer your questions, and to create the kind of healing environment that you need. With our private rooms and one on one service, we try to make you feel comfortable so that you can achieve your best results. Physical therapy is an all-natural method to recover from injury and/or achieve pain relief. With the current opioid crisis, people are seeking alternative ways to relieve pain without drugs or chemicals. The exercises and techniques that you learn in therapy can make a more permanent change to your body. Many times, pills only mask the pain rather than correcting it.

Why is one on one care important?

With costs of medical care on the rise, our mission is to provide personalized, one on one treatment in a professional and private environment. We want you to reach therapy goals in the fastest, most cost efficient way, and with the highest level of customer satisfaction. Private rooms allow you to work individually with your therapist, and to focus on healing. If you are living with a chronic condition, the knowledge you acquire can help you manage it more effectively. This can potentially save you hundreds of dollars in other medical expenses.

What are examples of the conditions that can be treated by physical therapy?

Physical therapy treatment can help a variety of conditions. These range from recovery from surgeries, like knee replacements, to general muscle pain or weakness. For example, do you have neck or back pain, but did not suffer an injury? Many neck and back issues are due to years of poor posture during normal activities like sitting and sleeping. Physical therapy can address these issues and prevent them from getting worse. Too often, the course of treatment will start with medications, then progress to other more painful procedures, including surgery, if the problem persists. Physical therapy is also successful for treating vertigo or balance disorders. Vestibular therapy can help reduce dizziness and prevent falls. We also have a therapist that specializes in lymphatic drainage, for patients who suffer from lymphedema.

Healing and prevention

Did you know that if you suffer an ankle sprain, you are over 90% more likely to sprain that same ankle again? Luckily, there are a few easy exercises that you can learn in physical therapy which can prevent it from happening again. During physical therapy treatment, you can heal your current injury, but also learn valuable information that can help injuries from coming back. Knee pain, especially from osteoarthritis, is another condition that responds well to physical therapy treatment. While there is no cure for arthritis, there are definitely ways that you can strengthen your knee and regain your mobility. This can possibly delay the need for more painful interventions, like surgery.